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Welcome to the database of unstable systems

Published models of unstable systems can be found in the section Unstable systems. Basic general information concerning systems stability are described briefly in the section Stability. Please, read first the terms of use in the About project section before you start working with the unstable systems models . You can use the form in the Contact us section to contact authors with your questions, comments or suggestions.

In the left column under the login form, it is possible to access directly 3 latest and 3 most viewed models.

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Why to sing up?

As a registered user you have access to the following benefits:

  • possibility of article rating,
  • possibility to add comments to models of the systems,
  • access to files with system models in e.g. MATLAB / Simulink environment,
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Latest news:

Revision finalized

The website revision and update (including all simulation files) has been finalized. Now the web is ready for further development within the framework of other planned students' final works... Smile

Web revision

Currently, all the information contained in this web is being revised and updated carefully, including also simulation files. After this stage the web will further grow both in models, information and functions.

The website launched

This website was put into operation as a part of the bachelor thesis in May 2012.

As illustrative examples of unstable systems within the specification of the bachelor thesis the following systems were added to the database: ballistic missile, fluidized bed reactor, inverted pendulum, magnetic levitation system, nonideal CSTR and X-29 air craft.

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